Twin Star Orchards

Happy Halloween!
Luckily, pumpkin spice season is still in full swing, but unfortunately apple season is coming to an end. Last weekend, a handful of my friends and I met up at Twin Star Orchards in New Paltz, NY, to celebrate our friend Shayna's birthday a week early-- she's a Halloween baby! The apples were sparse since it was the last week of October, but we still had a great time exploring and eating wood fired pizza with some hard cider.

Although cloudy, we had fine weather and it wasn't too bad bundled up with socks and scarves. It actually got warmer after we had pizza and Shayna's homemade cupcakes. 
This was the first time I've been to Twin Star Orchards, even though it's practically in my backyard while I live up in New Paltz. I always suggest people come up to the Hudson Valley in the fall (just make sure you come early and leave late, to avoid traffic 😉) 
Here's a couple of GIFs I made too!