Holiday Eats

We're amidst the holiday season! Thanksgiving feels like last week, Christmas is basically next week, and Hanukkah too! There's sure to be more and more opportunities to flex your baking muscles throughout the rest of the winter. The morning of Thanksgiving, my mom and I set to making dessert and sides for our family's meal that afternoon, and it all looked so pretty and delicious! First, I made dessert (of course, right??). 

HOW can you resist raw cookie dough?! Did I mention these are vegan? No raw eggs involved... safe to eat raw!

The side dish we were contributing to dinner was supposed to be turnips in some form, but we accidentally bought rutabaga's instead. I searched for turnips in any 24-hour grocery store I could find on Thanksgiving Eve, and got ahold of a few turnips and a sweet potato to add to a roasted veggie dish. We ended up layering them in a cast iron pan, topping it with fresh rosemary from my parent's garden and baked it. It was amazing. 

Really can't go wrong with vibrant veggies tossed in olive oil, herbs, and spices. The house smelled so good all morning and our family really seemed into changing up the side dishes this year. Those are the best part of the Thanksgiving dinner anyway, right? Maybe we'll make it again for Christmas...
Shoutout to my mom for helping me photograph these great dishes!

Let me know your favorite holiday recipes in the comments! I'm looking forward to a cozy, relaxing winter break before the spring semester starts (on my birthday, no less!)

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Happy baking!


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